Central AAA PeeWee Announce Roster for Phase 2

AAA Central Ice Pak Peewee Team is happy to announce the following players have been selected to proceed to Phase Two of the team try-outs. For the players that were not selected the Ice Pak Team wishes you all the best for your upcoming season.

Phase Two: Cost $30.00
Place: Gander Arena
Time: 3:30pm-5:00pm & 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Players Selected for Phase Two:

Adams, Leo
Brace, Adam
Cameron, Ben
Canning, Michael
Davis, Evan
Fudge, Lucas
Gill, Ethan
Greene, Joey
Harnett, Noah Jack
Hedges, Adam
Hicks, Aaron
Hillier, Jack
Kelloway, Alex
Mulrooney, Tyrell
Pardy, Grayson
Payne, Ryan
Pinsent, Adam
Rideout, Lucas
Sargent, Evan
Simms, Ethan
Small, Ryan
Troke, Parker
Tulk, Storm
Walbourne, Patrick
Wall, Ian

[2017-09-11 12:33:15]